Meeting Notes - Jan 22, 2019 - Mississauga

Written by USW 9511 Admin on Saturday January 26, 2019

Important information from the General Meeting of Local 9511 held in Mississauga on January 22, 2019

Mass Text Messaging System

We are seeing much more member engagement through the MTMS, however, some offices are still not represented. The MTMS is a fast, effective tool to get information out to anyone who wants it, and will be crucial once we get into bargaining. Make sure your fellow members are aware of the system, and that they can sign up by sending usw9511to #32323. The messages are fairly short, but give you a quick update on things going across the province.

New Benefits

All eligible members should have received information regarding the change over to Medavie Blue Cross as our benefit provider. We again have one provided covering our Extended Health and Dental Benefits, as well as our Long Term Disability. With the switch, Medavie Blue Cross is also providing Short Term Disability (still waiting on information regarding this), and a decrease in LTD premiums. Coverage is supposed tobe identical, however we have come across a couple of mistakes since the program rolled out. If you come across any discrepancies (denial of coverage, eligibility dates,etc), please email and

Bargaining Suggestions

Moving into bargaining, it is important members are bringing forward the issues they want addressed. The Executive Committee sees many issues in our day-to-day interactions with members, however the importance of those is hard to gauge across the province. It is best to be as clear as possible about what you mean (ie. “increase glasses allowance to $300,” instead of “better vision benefits”). Currently, there is an email address for members to submit their concerns. Please send everything to

Bargaining Committee Selection

The Bargaining Committee selection process is continuing as planned. The candidates have provided a short blurb about why you should choose them which will be included in the voting package. Voting packages will be arriving shortly, and include candidate information, a ballot,and information about how to include your bargaining concerns.

Health and Safety Representatives

It is still unclear who the designated H&S people are from the employee side in many offices. Current H&S members are requested to reach out to to provide their contact info and relevant information regarding their H&S training and certification. Being a H&S person is a big responsibility,and being connected to the Union’s H&S Committee will make that easier and safer for everyone.


It is still the Union’s recommendation for all injured members not to sign the release of medical information allowing Compcall to access your medical information, nor to act on your behalf. When injured at work, your first priority should be seeking medical attention,and any necessary WSIB paperwork can be completed by your attending physician.

By-law Review/Recommendations

Local Trustees have been tasked with reviewing our current local by-laws and the status of proposed changes from 2015, as well as making recommendations for new by-laws.Any new by-laws need to be consistent with the USW Charter, be approved by the International, and read at three local meetings prior to being voted on by the membership.

National Policy Conference

The USW National Policy Conference is being held in Vancouver in April. The NPC happens every three years, and keeps the Steelworkers working towards today’s issues affecting all our members. A motion carried to send two Executive Members (Mark Gardner, President, and Derek Chick, Trustee) to the conference.

Steelworkers Hamilton Area Council

The SHAC has organized to hold one of their Area Council Meetings at Linden Hall, in Pennsylvania. Linden Hall is a facility USW purchased many years ago, and is a main training center. The meeting is in late May, and will likely include visiting the USW offices in Pittsburgh, among other things. A motion carried to send up to two local members to the meeting, with members to be determined at a later date. This will likely be a remarkable experience so if you are interested in attending and feel you would be a good representative for Local 9511, please reach out to