DriveTest Shutdown - Union FAQ 2

Written by USW 9511 Admin on Tuesday March 24, 2020

Further questions from members regarding the current situation.  If you haven't seen already, head over to Serco's Memo, and FAQ 1.

Questions From Members:

What is the group code when filling out my EI application on the Service Canada website?

We do not have a group code, as this layoff was unexpected.  In normal situations of mass lay-off (more than 50 people), employers who are closing down operations, etc, reach out to the Ministry of Labour to get a reference code to give to employees.  This usually happens weeks in advance.  The company is filing that documentation now, however the code is not necessary for you to apply.

What is the information I should be putting down for the employer?

Serco Canada Inc. 400-330 Bay St, Toronto, ON  M5J 0B6  (416) 861-2006.  Do not worry if you entered your DTC information or something other than this.  EI will reach out to you if they cannot get in touch with Serco (they shouldn't need to once ROEs are completed).

When is my Record of Employment (ROE) going to be available?

The company is obviously processing a large number of ROEs at the moment.  They have committed to getting them done this week.  We will be asking for updates on progress later this week.  If your ROE is not available on your Service Canada profile by Monday, March 30, 2020 by noon, please let the Union President know.

Where can I access my pay stubs and tax information?

All of this information is available at You can login from here like many of you used to do in the offices.  As a reminder, the client # for our employer is 543E48.  You can also register on that page if you have never used the system (?!).  If you are having difficulty registering, you may need some information from payroll - reach out to

Will the extended health and dental benefits be terminated?

From the company's FAQ, they are not looking to terminate these benefits currently.  The company may change their stance on this depending on how long this continues.  We expect suitable notice of any changes, and will respond as necessary to protect the interests of our members.  The government is asking everyone to be reasonable and not hoard medications.

How long is this likely to go on?

It is impossible to gauge that at this point.  Some places that enacted measures sooner are getting back to semi-normal life quicker than places that did not take appropriate measures soon enough.  Now that more businesses are being closed, the people not respecting the strong recommendations to stay home will have less places to go, and that should result in less spread in the province.  We will be given 10 days notice of any recall to work.  Members are encouraged to seek alternate sources of income, knowing they would be able to provide notice to any new or temporary employers when the recall happens.  As an unqualified guess, we are at least four weeks from going back to work, at the earliest.  It is likely to be longer.

How will this affect my eligibility for benefits next year?

We have a commitment from the company to make sure this has no impact on Part Time members in regards to benefit eligibility.  Calculations will be adjusted as necessary.

What safety measures will be in place when we return to work?

It depends on the recommendations at that time.  There is likely to be similar measures to what we have currently, while there may be more or less need for certain protections.  It is also possible CSAs and DEs may return to work at different times.  This unprecedented situation has shown we have some deficiencies in what we do on a normal basis, so anyone with suggestions on things we should implement permanently is encouraged to send them to

Will there be forced overtime when we get back to work?

This coming right as we normally start to ramp up for Peak Season will definitely create a back-log.  Depending on how long we are out will dictate how big that backlog will be.  Members would be encouraged to recoup money lost while on EI by picking up additional work as available.  We will be in talks with the company regarding any mandatory extra work, especially when we first get back, as it is unclear what the situation will be then.

What is the best way to stay informed?

The best way for us to reach people is through the Union Mass Text Message System.  There are some members still not signed up, so if you have contact information for your coworkers (group chats, etc) please share how to sign up:  send the message USW9511 to the number 32323, and follow the automatic reply prompts from there.