COVID-19 Thursday Update

Written by USW 9511 Admin on Thursday March 19, 2020

Things continue to be stagnant on the part of the Ontario Government when it comes to dealing with the concerns of all staff members, and more action is needed from you!

We continue to find ourselves in limbo regarding our current situation with the clear hypocritical position taken by the Government to take all steps necessary, yet continue to keep running road tests in very close proximity to members.  This is unacceptable!  Up until yesterday, there were some members who would be getting nothing if we were forced into a layoff, but the federal government announced financial support for everyone - explicitly listing workers who were ineligible for EI would be eligible for a new emergency benefit.

At this point, we are all being held hostage - either by being obligated to work due to financial reasons and risking your safety and that of your family, or sacrificing your income for your safety, while then putting different pressures on your family.  This is not right!  Some members have already been doing this, but we would like other members to join in.  CONTACT YOUR MPP ABOUT YOUR SITUATION!

The MPPs need to be made aware of the impossible choice we are all being presented with (health or money), the opposed ideas of the government asking people to do everything they can to limit contact with people but keeping our offices open and putting examiners in extremely close proximity to people, and that inaction is currently affecting your family.  You should also let them know any upcoming emergency legislation needs to be comprehensive enough to help you and your fellow members who may have different situations.

The list of MPPs and their contact information at both their Legislative Office and their Constituency Office can be found on the website of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

Of particular note, if you live in the ridings of Doug Ford (Etobicoke North, Premier of Ontario), Caroline Mulroney (York-Simcoe, Deputy Minister AND Minister of Transportation), Christine Elliot (York-Simcoe, Minister of Health), or Monte McNaughton (Lambton - Kent - Middlesex, Minister of Labour), you should definitely be reaching out to these cabinet Ministers.