COVID-19 Sunday AM Update

Written by USW 9511 Admin on Sunday March 22, 2020

The efforts you are making is starting to give us threads to pull on. Keep it up!

The Ontario Government is avoiding their responsibility to keep us and Ontarians safe.

Many people have forwarded a follow-up story from City News last night.  You can currently watch the clip here:

The reporter is playing word games just as much as Serco and the MTO.  It exacts some pressure on the MTO, but since Serco is not permitted in the project agreement to speak to the media on these issues, it is very easy for government to influence the message.  That message has very little to do with our situation, or the words coming out the Premier's office.  I did not see any copy of letter from MTO to Serco in this segment, nor was even part of it quoted like the Serco letter.  No one is giving us or the public the whole truth here.

The fact still remains the MTO has not ordered the shutdown of DriveTest services.  Saying something "should" shut down, is very different than something "must" shutdown (like bars, restaurants, indoor recreation, cinemas, concert theatres, casinos, etc).  Premier Ford voiced his disgust regarding a retailer allowing people to congregate on Yonge St, saying they should also be closed.  The Premier did not order them closed.  He has the ability to order DriveTest to close, yet he does not do it.  The government is jerking us around.  One response we have received from an MPP in Transportation is they are "strongly advising the public not to go to DriveTest."  This is unacceptable!

All of the members who continue to not be satisfied with the responses from your MPPs office are shaking things loose.  Do not accept your MPPs explanation.  Demand to know why the MTO and the Premier are not taking responsibility or action.  Those that have pushed back instead of accepting the MPPs deflection back to Serco have been able to garner little details that we have been using to feed efforts by NDP MPP and Official Transportation Critic Jennifer French to demand answers from the PC cabinet, and for us to more effectively challenge and question Serco on the exact nature of the hold up.  It is a constant game of ask one side, then take that to the other side, and weigh the responses.  Then repeat back the other way.

We are not getting the full story from either side.  We have a scheduled call with Serco management this afternoon at 16:00 in the event nothing changes through the day.  Thus far, the relationship as been cooperative in trying to get a resolution, but that goodwill and faith from our members has evaporated with the continued lack of results in this situation.

Continue to pressure your MPP offices.  Do not accept deflection.  Ask why they are not ordering DriveTest closed.  Please forward any email responses to  We will continue to ask pointed questions of Serco management.